Gated Neighborhoods

If you reside in Ashton Oaks, Bear Creek, Eagles Landing, Homearama, Montage, The Ranch, Tree Tops or Westerham, then you live within one of the gated communities. Being in a gated community also means that community consists of private streets. Charlotte Water will only provide billing to residents on public streets so please ensure you have set up your water meter reading with ThinkUtility Services. ThinkUtility Services is the 3rd party water meter reading company who will bill you for your water and sewage usage monthly. All water comes from Charlotte Water, however they will not come through the gates to read individual meters.
Gate System
You have multiple options to gain entry into your gates. You can purchase a gate fob, program a 4 digit code, and/or program a phone number into the call box. 
  • Gate fobs are $30 each. These allow you to open the gate without needing to stop at the call box. See the Make a Payment page for details on how to make that payment to receive your fob(s).
  • Programming a 4 digit code allows you or your guests to pull up to the call box, type in your code and the gates will open.
  • Programming a phone number will allow guests to scroll to your last name in the call box, then press the call button. On your end you will be able to answer the call and talk to whoever is at the gate to ensure you know who is trying to get through the gates. You will then press '9' on your keypad and the gates will open.
Vendors such as FedEx, UPS, USPS and emergency services have their own entry codes.
Please contact the Assistant Community Manager in order to have your information programed into your respective call box.