New Homeowners Closings

Helping someone buy or sell a home within The Palisades Residential Property Homeowners Association?
Selling Information
The Palisades has specific approved 'For Sale' signs that can be purchased from Sign-Techniques:
Any unapproved For Sale signs will be removed.
Once a scheduled closing date for sell of your property is determined, your closing attorney (or the homeowner) submits closing documentation to CAMS.
Once the closing documentation is received, CAMS will put the account on a “closing hold”. CAMS immediately stops payments from being received on any accounts on a closing hold. This is done to maintain the accuracy of the closing statement that was sent to the attorney. It is important that this information is accurate, as that amount will be collected at the time of closing. No late fees will be assessed during the hold.

If you normally pay your bills through your owner’s portal on our website, via ACH Draft, or eCheck, then no change is necessary.

IMPORTANT: If you pay through your Bank’s bill pay or by using a credit card through your owner’s portal, you will continue to be charged. If funds are received from bill pay or credit card, these funds are not credited to your HOA account, but they are simply held until the closing completes and then returned. Until the closing is completed or if the closing is canceled, you may elect to pause payments from your bank bill pay or credit card.
A packet of information will then be sent back to the closing attorney. This documentation includes, but is not limited to,
Closing Statement:
  • Outstanding balances or credits on your current HOA account
  • Seller Certification Fee. 
    • The Seller Certification charge is an industry standard charge that covers the costs associated with transferring ownership from seller to buyer within an HOA. Rush fees may also apply, based on the timing of your attorney’s request.
  • Additional charges associated with the purchase
  • HOA information for the buyer
  • HOA governing documents, if requested by the attorney
After closing, your account goes inactive and you are no longer responsible for dues. Any refund checks will be mailed to the address on file. Please allow up to 10 business days after a completed closing.