Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
The Palisades employs off duty Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) Officers to conduct security patrols of the neighborhood.  The Palisades pays the officer an hourly rate, while the CMPD pays for the vehicles, gasoline, equipment, additional resources that come along with the officer.  The officers working the patrols come from a wide range of assignments within the CMPD to include detectives, patrol, community coordinators, dual-sport, Lake Wylie boat patrol, and K-9. 
The assignments for the security patrols come from requests from Palisades residents.  In the event that there is a crime trend, the security patrols will also be deployed to the time/geographic areas to address the trend. 
Officer Contact Information:
Officer Gibson:
Officer Erlenbach:
If you need the police or observe suspicious activity please call 911.  Calling 911 at the onset of the issue helps our police officers respond to the problem when it is happening.  If you need the police while in the Mecklenburg County jurisdiction, whether it is for an emergency or not, you need to call 911.  If you need the off-duty security patrol, again call 911.  The 911 call taker is going to ask a lot of questions, they are collecting as much information as possible to provide to the responding officers.  The CMPD counts on the citizens that we serve to be the eyes and ears for us.  
Having an officer working the security patrol greatly reduces the time needed for the CMPD to respond to a call.  The officers working the security patrol also have expedited communication to both fire departments and area medics in the event that those resources are needed.   
The officers will also perform vacation checks if you are going to be out of town for a period of time. Email the officers with the below information and they will coordinate the officers.
  • Dates you will be gone
  • Contact phone number for you while you are away in the event something comes up with your home
  • Information on persons who will be at your home during your absence (cleaners, repair men, realtor etc.)
  • Information on pets that are staying at the home in your absence
When Should You Call 911?
Suspicious Person
If you notice a suspicious person roaming the neighborhood, call 911 immediately.
Suspicious Vehicle
If you notice a suspicious or wrecked vehicle either driving through the neighborhood or parked somewhere you feel they should not be, call 911 immediately. The police will be able to run the license plate and determine where the vehicle belongs.
Street parking overnight is prohibited in The Palisades. If you notice a vehicle parking on the street overnight, please report the violation here.
Soliciting is prohibited withing The Palisades. If you experience a solicitor or notice people roaming the neighborhood going door to door, call 911 immediately.
In the unincorporated areas of Mecklenburg County, it shall be unlawful to: 
(1) Operate or allow the operation of any sound amplification equipment so as to create sounds registering fifty five (55)db(A) between 9:00am and 9:00 pm or fifty (50)db(A) between 9:00pm and 9:00am, as measured anywhere within the boundary line of the nearest residentially occupied property, except in accordance with a permit obtained from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. 
If you have a noisy neighbor keeping you up at night, contact 911 and they will come to evaluate if the noise falls above the allowable decibel reading. CMPD and the HOA typically work together with noise ordinances where CMPD can issue a ticket and the HOA can send a violation once a ticket is written.
For a full list of Mecklenburg County Noise Ordinance information click here.
While it is exciting to watch fireworks on the 4th of July or to celebrate graduations, birthdays, etc., they are illegal in the state of North Carolina. 
Please be respectful to your neighbors and their pets and do not set off fireworks.  If anyone sees this behavior you should call 911.
The following are legal per North Carolina General State Statute 14-414: 
  • caps for use in cap guns
  • snake and glow worms
  • smoke devices
  • small report noise makers (party poppers and string poppers)
  • drop poppers
  • wire sparklers
  • sparkling devices which do not explode or propel themselves through the air 
Anything else such as bottle rockets, explosives, etc. requires a permit. 
The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have strict leash laws that apply to all animals except cats. Violations of the leash laws can be subject to stiff penalties/fines ranging from a $50 citation up to a $500 citation and permanent seizure of the animal. Please do not let yourselves be on the receiving end of such citations. Remember that dogs must be on a leash, contained within a fence or an operable and marked invisible fence. ALL dog owners that take their dogs for walks in their neighborhoods are required to keep their dogs on leash and under physical restraint at all times. Pets are NEVER allowed on the Palisades golf course or Palisades Soccer Complex. To report an animal at large, or any instances of animal safety violations, please call 311. For more information on Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control Laws, please visit

Please note: This list provides situations when you should call the police vs. the HOA. This is not a complete list of situations when you should call 911. If you ever question calling the police, you should call.